FLIGHTBOOKTM A4-sized notebook by Halaby Aero Limited

* 21cm x 29.7 cm / 8.3in x 11.7in notebook, containing 200 grid-lined pages; weighs 1lb/450g; shrink-wrapped; sold individually
* Detailed and accurate travel information on all four covers in a clean and modern design
* Printed on high quality 100lb matte cover stock with 50lb grid-lined notepaper and comes in six color combinations:
   * navy blue with silver or matte gold type
   * fire engine red with silver or matte gold type
   * onyx black with silver or matte gold type
* Grids are 3/16th inch / 4.75mm and are in pale blue
* Paper is FSC©-certified and made with 100% renewable green electricity

FLIGHTBOOKTMfills a significant – yet untapped – niche:
* A practical, attractive notebook used by individuals to project a sophisticated image
* Aviation is – and will remain – a “hot” sector: increasing wealth and globalization will lead to doubling of air travelers by 2032
* Notebooks/travel journals are a strong sector – Moleskine IPO’ed; Field Notes and Symthson’s popular; niche brands, e.g. Rhodia, etc coveted
* “Made in America” is an increasingly popular sector “onshoring” popular: Warby Parker, Filson, Shinola, etc. – resonates with quality, small-batch production

* International/military alphabet (e.g. A = Alpha)
* Nationality of virtually every aircraft in the world (e.g. G = Great Britain)
* Conversions of English/imperial measurements to metric (e.g. miles to kilometers)
* Profile and detail of all major, modern commercial jet aircraft flying today (e.g. Boeing 737, etc)
Printer is a long-established, highly experienced family business in the USA 

FLIGHTBOOKTM pocket-sized notebook by Halaby Aero Limited

FLIGHTBOOKTM A5-sized notebook by Halaby Aero Limited