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Moderator, Revolution Aero, "Leasing in Advanced Air Mobility", June 2024
Panellist, Revolution Aero, "Venturing beyond early stage investment", June 2024
Panellist, Sustainable Skies World Summit, “A deep dive into Finance”, May 2024

Author, Cirium, "Opinion: MUFG on why investors are diversifying into aviation", April 2024
Panellist, ISTAT, “ESG Pushback and Opportunities”, March 2024
Moderator/Organiser, The Aviation Club UK's Forum: “In the driver’s seat: how pilots are leading by example on the road to decarbonisation”, February 2024
Panellist, SAF Investor, “What role can aircraft lessors and financiers play?”, February 2024
Presenter, University of Surrey, February 2024
Author, Aéroport LeMag, “Financement ESG et aéronautique: Le mieux est l‘ennemi du bien”, 2023
Moderator/Organiser, The Aviation Club UK's Forum: “The sky’s the limit – how operational improvements can aid aviation in decarbonisation”, 2023
Panellist, Airline Economics Singapore, “ESG and SAF”,  2023
Panellist, Bird & Bird, "Annual Aviation & Defence Conference",  2023
Panellist, ISTAT Continuing Education Appraiser program, "EU taxonomy and related ESG schemes and the potential impact on aircraft values", 2023
Panellist, Airline Economics Dubai, "Aviation Finance and Investment", 2023
Moderator, The Royal Aeronautical Society, Two panels on AAM/eVTOLs, 2023
Moderator/Organiser, The Aviation Club UK's Forum: "Testing, testing, Flying examples of next generation technology: eVTOLs and airships", 2023
Author, ISTAT Jetrader, "Sustainability-Linked Financings – Is the Genie Out of the Bottle?", 2023
Interviewee, Airfinance Journal: "Aviation sustainability continues to develop: MUFG", 2023
Interviewee, Infrastructure Investor: "Aviation is flying high", 2023 
Panellist, Norton Rose: London Aviation Summit, 2023
Moderator, Airline Economics: “eVTOL Fireside Discussion”, 2023
Panellist, Airline Economics: “Main Finance Panel: The growing role of ESG in finance”, 2023
Author, AEROSPACE magazine, “eVTOLs – do the numbers add up?”, 2023
Panellist, Revolution Aero: "Financing manufacturing and the first deliveries of eVTOLs", 2023
Panellist, Sustainable Skies World Summit: “Funding Transition”, 2023
Speaker, Helicopter Investor: “Fireside Chat: Helicopters & ESG”, 2023
Moderator/Organiser, The Aviation Club UK's ESG Forum: "Practical ESG solutions for the aviation sector", 2023
Panellist, TOZCA-Aviate: “Risk management and financing the transition”, 2023
Panellist, Airline Economics: “ESG & SAF Panel”, 2023
Author, ISTAT Jetrader: “Developments in ESG financing”, 2022/2023
Moderator/Organiser, The Aviation Club UK’s ESG Forum: “The Cutting Edge of Net Zero Pioneers”, 2022
Panellist, Airline Economics: “Aviation finance and investment in MENA”, 2022
Author, ICAO Environmental Report 2022: “Financing aviation decarbonisation”, 2022
Presenter and Panellist, Bird & Bird: “ESG issues in aircraft leasing and financing”, 2022
Panellist, Airline Economics, 2022
Panellist, Ishka conference: “Green financing and other “ethical” investments”, 2022
Panellist, Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin virtual conference, 2022
Author, ISTAT Jetrader: “The aviation industry needs to provide a unified argument…”, 2021
Moderator, Airline Economics Growth Frontiers conference, 2021
Panellist, [Private webinar on sustainability in the defence sector], 2021 
Panellist, Ishka European conference, 2021
Author, Airline Economics: “Why aviation is a force for good”, 2021
Moderator, Victory Events sustainable aviation webinar, 2021
Moderator, Ishka sustainable aviation webinar, 2021 
Panellist, IBA sustainable aviation webinar, 2021 
Co-author of article in Ishka on ESG in aviation, 2021 
Moderator at Ishka’s Private placement debt for airlines panel, 2021 
Judge for AirFinance Journal 2020 Deals of the Year, 2021 
Table leader, IBA sustainable aviation roundtable, 2020 
Panellist, ICAO sustainable aviation financing, 2020 
Panellist, Regulatory Finance panel, 2020 
Quote in Aerotime News, 2019  
Panellist, Airline Economics, Growth Frontiers: Dubai, 2019
Panellist, Air Convention, Riga, 2019 
Quote in AirFinance Journal, 2018 
Panellist, Engine leasing panel, 2018 
Presenter, Ishka Frankfurt, 2018  
Panellist, Airline Economics, Growth Frontiers: Dubai, 2018 
Quote on Zephryus ABS, 2018  
Quote in Embry-Riddle on Zephyrus ABS, 2018 
Co-Author Airfinance Annual, 2012
Quote in the Financial Times, 2009
Quote in Euromoney magazine, 2008 

Aviation photography finalist, 2020
Created aviation-themed paper notebooks in which the paper is Forest Stewardship Council-certified and made with 100% renewable green electricity