Report on the regional aircraft market - January 2021

January 2021

[Contact me for copy; executive summary below]

⏤The regional aircraft market generally refers to western-built, commercial aircraft of ~20 to ~150 seats; our analysis is on this segment, including turboprops and jets.  There are ~8,500 regional jets and turboprops in service and storage today; approximately 5,000, via 18 types, are western-built.  These aircraft are at 450 airlines; there are ~120 lessors
⏤Current orders are a fraction of predicted future requirements
⏤The recent introduction of new regional aircraft types (e.g. E2s and A220s), coupled with more fuel-efficient aircraft likely exemplify the continued demand for intra-regional traffic which represents ~80% of all flights; however, new aircraft types are too large (or heavy) for the current Scope Clause in the United States
⏤Regional aircraft ages – and technology – are old; some types stopped production in the early 2000s; there is limited production of smaller types; is there – or will there be – demand as older equipment is retired?
⏤Will smaller types benefit from new technology (i.e. hydrogen/electric/other) providing a boost, or will other forms (i.e.rail) take over?