The A4 FLIGHTBOOK™ - measures 21cm x 29.7 cm / 8.3in x 11.7in and contains 200 grid-lined pages; weighs 1lb/450g.  Sold individually

Perfect for the big idea, meetings and copious note-taking

Plane images are roughly 2.5 times larger than those on the pocket-sized FLIGHTBOOK™

Inspired by a 1956 book on aircraft identification - the beginning of international commercial jet aircraft travel - this notebook evokes a vision of modern, efficient, global design

The smooth cover is supple yet durable 100lb card stock; the graph pages are 50lb paper stock – ideal for smooth, crisp writing; absorbs ink beautifully

The notebook has four detailed and accurate covers neatly and succinctly presenting – in a clean and simple design – aviation-related information:

✈   the international/military alphabet (e.g. A = Alpha)
✈   the nationality of virtually every aircraft in the world (e.g. G = Great Britain)
✈   conversions of English/imperial measurements to metric (e.g. miles to kilometers)
✈   the identity of all major, modern commercial jet aircraft flying today (e.g. Boeing 737)

Notebooks come in six color combinations:
✈   navy blue with silver or matte gold ink 
✈   fire engine red with silver or matte gold ink
✈   onyx black with silver or matte gold ink

Graph paper is white with 50% opaque blue grid lines

Cover and Graph paper are FSC©-certified and made with 100% renewable green electricity

Designed in New York and London; printed in the USA