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"If there is one item that we would never be without it is a pocket notebook. We fairly recently came to know about Halaby Aero via Reddit. We tested out their pocket notebooks and fell in love. They are durable, feel great, and are perfectly pocket sized!"



"The interesting graphics, lightweight aspect and nice inside graph paper make them viable for any kind of use...  In testing the paper, it worked well from graphite to gel to ballpoint, even with a fountain pen!  The quality of the notebooks is good as well and come two in a pack with a belly band and enclosed in shrinkwrap. I think these would be a great addition to the stash of...anyone wanting a lightweight, interesting and different pocket notebook. "


"Can you judge a  notebook by its cover? Perhaps! I was very excited to get these samples from Halaby Aero. The first time I saw these notebooks at Paper Presentation in NYC, I immediately thought they were cool.... I love the crisp design of the covers, especially the commercial aircraft on the back cover. Inside, the paper has nice sharp blue squares. There is nice attention to detail here, in having the brass staples match the metallic ink.  Same for the large spiral notebook– the spiral matches the silver or gold ink, which is a really nice touch. The printing and lines are all nicely aligned and square..."


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"Here at Tools & Toys, we don’t think there is such a thing as having too many notebooks in one’s life. Here’s another one you should add to your collection...: FLIGHTBOOK.

Inspired by the 1956 edition of The Observer’s Book of Aircraft, the covers of these graph-paper notebooks contain some neat bits of aviation trivia, while the inner pages are white with light-blue grid lines. Each notebook is responsibly sourced from FSC-certified materials and made using 100%-renewable green electricity."



"This is the new larger FLIGHTBOOK from Halaby Aero. They have until now had pocket sized books and we’ve reviewed them on PPIL in the past. These come in three colors with either silver or gold accent printing on the covers making 6 combinations available. 

This notebook looks good and it feels good too. I like that it comes shrink wrapped... These retail for around $17 apiece and are catering to a more “affluent” clientele.

These books are fountain pen tolerant... These are well put together and use nice materials. They have 100 pages and slightly opaque blue grid lines front and back. They use 100lb covers and 50lb pages. Using ball and gel pens this paper works great so on that front these are indeed great notebooks. There’s some value added with the airline info on the covers as well."


Industry Portage"What started as a desire to make industry specific carry goods became an obsession with creating functional and finely crafted utilitarian goods for you, our client. We're going to deliver a finely crafted, thoroughly tested, and thoughtfully designed carry piece you hand down to future generations. We've built it that way and guarantee it.""A new, insightful blog, replete with great ideas and trends in the areas of lifestyle / fashion / travel.  We give a review on items we appreciate and represent.  Our motto, 'good advice, any time' is meant well and is sincere.  We try to be clever, goofy, analytical on things you care about" (translated)  Noitizuchblog is the leading German language blog on notebooks, journals and the like with tens of thousands of page visits per month. The blog is so popular globally that non-German speakers use Google Translate to read its pages. Notizbuchseite is a leading German language website that covers notebooks, writing instruments and the like.  "Our path for 2014 is clearly in the direction of notebook, pen and paper."


Unsolicited Customer Comments:

Sarah N. "Love your notebooks! This is my 3rd order."

Tina K. "We love them and ordered a few more!!"

BubblesTGB on "Received these today - They shipped as soon as they received my order. Included in the envelope were some really cool airplane paper clips.

Excellent quality notebooks... Graph ruled paper is of very good quality. Takes a FP quite well with no feathering. On some of the wetter inks, there is some bleed through, but certainly nothing too crazy.

There is some really cool info on the front and back covers such as airplane types, speed, barometric and other conversions, as well as international aircraft registration prefixes.
Very cool notebooks, especially for someone who is interested in aviation."

Claudia W.: "... I have received the books – [they are] wonderful!"

Christian M: "...your books arrived today! They are even better than on the pictures in the web. Thank you very much."

Karl M: "...the first notebooks arrived today, that was real fast from the US to Germany.I’m happy with your products and so I ordered another few packs of it as a gift for friends"

Chrisp. B.: "Got a couple of these in fire engine red. Very fine notebooks. The graph is much tighter than on field notes and darker lines. I wish the lines were lighter but still plan on getting some more of these for my collection. FLIGHTBOOK™"

Bend. H.: "Very useful and handy notebook that fits nicely in a man's pocket or a woman's purse. Use it at your next meeting to take notes."

AA Thomas: "Incredible design. I travel a lot and this is not only practical but looks great and is a real conversation starter. The silver text on blue background also looks like a passport (and same size) and the designer's attention to detail - particularly the airplanes on the page - is impressive."

Heiko H.: "These notebooks are a real eye-catcher. Love the aviation themed design. Flightbooks are small and light enough that you can take them almost anywhere, which is really what you want from a notebok. Nice!"

Bev A.: "I purchased these for Christmas gifts for friends who are pilots and friends who like to take notes with old fashioned pen and paper! These books are extremely high quality with silky paper and have a nostalgic feel with beautiful graphics and information! It is the perfect gift for the traveler who has everything. It holds up well under lots of use as the cover is very protective. "

Tom A: "we LOVE the website but we ADORE Ms Habibti"